Testimonial Security Staffing sold by Orange County Business Brokers

Security Services & Staffing Company sold by Orange County Business Brokers

Bill is nothing short of a true professional. We met after having been searching for a business for over a year and had come across many unscrupulous brokers who didn’t have our best interest in mind; and after almost losing hope we came across one of Bill’s listings and opened escrow within days. All the information was there. You could tell that he had done his homework on the business and he did not accept any unsupported information with questionable evidence to back it up. He is honest, knowledgeable and is always on the lookout for both sides – the buyer and the seller! Something that it is hard to find in the industry. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is serious about a business acquisition.

Pablo L. Buyer, Security Services & Staffing Company

Summary:  Security and Staffing services for HOAs and commercial properties sold by Orange County Business Brokers Pacific Business Sales representing both Buyer and Seller.  The transaction was a Stock Sale with SBA financing for the business acquisition.

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