Buyer Testimonial; Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Business - Orange County Business Broker

Bella Kitchen & Bath Remodeling sold by Orange County Business Broker

I met Bill on my third business transaction. I must say that working with him as a business broker has been such a pleasure. He really understands the process of buying a business and made it as smooth and pleasant as possible. Don’t get me wrong, transacting the sale of a business is tricky and things always come up, but Bill helped us avoid potential pitfalls and solve the different problems we were confronted with. He understands business, has a great mind, and is a fantastic business broker. I’ve referred a friend and will be using him again. Regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you will really enjoy working with him. He’s earned my highest recommendation.

Aaron B, Buyer, Bella Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Summary:  Bella Kitchen & Bath was sold by Orange County Business Broker Pacific Business Sales which represented thee Buyer and Seller in the transaction.  The transaction included SBA financing for the business acquisition.