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Construction Company sold by Orange County Business Broker

I purchased a company in 2017.  Bill represented the seller in this transaction of a construction company.  Early in the process I read Bill’s Book “Own Your Future” and referred to it many times.  Before I even got to know Bill, I found the book to be critical in my understanding the process in every step.  The book was straightforward and assisted me in assurance that I was purchasing the business at the correct price.  I also used the analysis tools and guidelines for choosing the steps we would take in the process.  As a broker, Bill did an excellent job in keeping us on track and facilitated a very amicable interaction between myself and the seller.  He also assisted us in overcoming some tricky technical issues.  I would absolutely use Bill again, and highly recommend him.

Keith Smith, Buyer & New Owner, TJ Janca Construction

Summary:  TJ Janca is a playground construction company providing services for city & county schools, private organizations, and churches.  The company was sold by Orange County Business Brokers Pacific Business Sales which represented the Buyer and Seller.  The transaction was a Stock Sale with SBA financing.

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