Sell Your Business for Max Value

Do you want to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value?Sell Your Business Max Value

Here’s how we successfully sell businesses for their maximum value with SBA financing and maximum cash at closing for the seller/owner.

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  • No upfront fees & ConfidentialConfidentially Sell Your Business
    your prospective sale is strictly confidential 
  • FREE Market Value Analysis 
  • Exceptional Marketing
    (see our 7 point marketing program below) 
  • Huge buyer database of over 3,000 active buyers
  • email blasts to our database plus the BizBuySell buyer database
  • We feature all of our ads so they are at the top of the business for sale websites
  • SBA Financing with as low as 10% down!
    Opens up the buyer pool to more buyers

Our commitment and first priority is to sell your business for the maximum value.  We have a long track record of successful business sales transactions across a wide range of industries throughout Southern California.  We are Professional Business Brokers representing small business owners and M&A clients in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and LA County.   Our past client testimonials show the results we deliver and our commitment to your success.

7 Point Marketing Program Gets Businesses Sold!

  1. Comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum:
    The CIM is the prospectus and marketing brochure for your business.  This is sent to prospective buyers after they have signed an NDA and provided a Buyer Profile with their financial information.  The CIM is critical in selling your business.  It tells the story of your business, what your business does, and includes summarized financial statements, equipment list, staff list (without names), and lease information.  The CIM has everything a buyer needs to determine if this is the right business for them.
  2. Business Valuation: Business Valuation
    To sell a business for its maximum value you need a market value analysis (valuation) that both defends the asking price and explains how the value was determined.  Buyers don’t know how to value a business and always ask “how was the value determined”.  Our Market Value Analysis is prepared using software we license from one of the largest Business Valuation companies in the US.  We use the same methodologies and databases the business appraisers use.
  3. Marketing Your Business, reaching out to buyers:
    Of course, to sell a business buyers have to find it.  We advertise on the major business for sale websites and we feature all of our businesses for sale so they are at the top of the listings and pages.
  4. email blasts:
    We also send email blasts to our buyer database of over 2,400 buyers and the BizBuySell buyer database for buyers interested in businesses similar to yours.
  5. Ad Copy: 
    Of course, reaching thousands of buyers in only half the challenge, we need them to inquire about your business.  We create engaging ads for the businesses we advertise selling the strengths and benefits of owning the business.  The ads we create are general in nature and do not name the business or identify the location of the business but describe it in a general nature to maintain confidentiality.
  6. SBA Financing:SBA Financing for selling your business
    Over 90% of our transactions use SBA financing.  With SBA financing qualified buyers can buy a business with as little as 10% down and excellent terms at Prime+2.75% over 10 years.  The great thing about SBA financing for sellers is you get cash at closing!  We work with serval SBA PLP (Preferred Lender Program) banks and we get all of our businesses pre-qualified for SBA financing upfront.  We include the Pre Qualification letter from the lender in our CIM giving buyer confidence in both the business and that financing is available.
  7. Follow up, Persistence, & Thorough:
    We use our CRM to stay in touch with buyers and follow up.  We also screen the buyer before setting up a meeting with you.  Buyers that are clearly not qualified we filter out.  When a buyer is “thinking” about making an offer we explain the process, go through the purchase agreement with them, and help them get over the initial hurdles and get comfortable with the process and purchase.  We also help them with SBA financing and provide referrals to CPAs and other professionals if they need help.

    Get Your Free Business Valuation Now

Determining Business Value

What’s the first step in Selling My Business?

The first step is to determine the value of your business. We answer all of your questions about the prospective sale of your business and explain the process and what it will take to market and sell your business to achieve the best outcome.

Steps in Selling a Business 

Below is a summary of the steps involved in selling a business with a professional business broker (see the link above for a more detailed explanation).

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Recast Financial Statements & Market Value Determination
  3. Review Market Value
  4. Representation Agreement
  5. Marketing Package
  6. Launch Business for Sale Website Ads
  7. Buyer Inquiries
  8. Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) & Buyer Qualification
  9. Buyer – Seller Meetings
  10. Prepare & Present Offer
  11. Negotiations & Deal Structure
  12. Due Diligence
  13. Escrow Opened
  14. SBA Financing, Lease, Licenses, etc
  15. Closing
  16. Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Business 

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about selling a  business with a professional business broker.