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M&A Transactions

The term M&A generally brings to mind mega deals of publicly traded companies by Wall Street Investment Banking or M&A firms. Likewise Business Broker is often associated with the sale of small main street businesses.  If your company is a privately held business with over $3 million to $5 million in sales and under $100 million in sales your company falls into what is called the Middle Market.

The sale of a Middle Market company is much more complicated than that of a main street business and yet well below the threshold for traditional M&A firms or Investment Bankers, not to mention their cost being prohibitive.

We specialize in Middle Market transactions,
the sale of privately held mid-size companies.

Bill’s experience as Business Broker and Professional Intermediary along with his experience as a CEO and senior executive at both public and private companies and a business owner gives him unique insight,  perspective and experience in Middle Market transactions. He understands the owner’s perspective as well as the intricate technical details involved in financing and structuring a transaction. Bill also has years of negotiation experience from successfully completing hundreds of transactions.

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Middle Market M&A Services

  • Business Valuation
  • Confidential marketing of the business
  • Negotiations
  • Financing –
    • SBA Financing up to $5 million
    • Mezzanine Financing subordinated to SBA for transactions over $5 million
  • Deal Structure
    • Stock Sales
    • Stock Sales with IRS 338 (h) – preserves asset value for depreciation
    • Asset Sales (purchase of the assets of the company, including goodwill)
    • Sales with commercial real estate
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