Orange County Pool Service w-Real Estate & Yard for sale

OC Pool Service & Maint, 10 employees, real estate available

  • Engagement Number : 2103
  • Title: OC Pool Service & Maint, w/RE, Buildings & Yard
  • Location: Orange County
  • Asking Price: $800,000
  • Gross Sales: $1,319,944
  • SDE : $278,775
  • Real Estate: $1,500,000
  • Industry: Service

Orange County Pool Service and licensed repair and maintenance contractor with real estate including office, storage, large yard, and chemical tank storage for chlorine and muriatic acid are available for acquisition. Gross Sales $1,319,944, DE $278,755 Business Offered at $800,000 Real Estate is available for purchase $1,500,000

The company has over 500 active residential accounts, 35 commercial accounts, 10 full-time W2 employees, 11 trucks with branded wraps, plus complete service equipment. The company boasts excellent Google Reviews of 4.9 Stars. The seller has built a business that is scalable and easy to run and the business has excellent books and records.

The real estate included in the sale has office and storage, a large yard with truck parking, chlorine storage, and muriatic acid storage tanks that are permitted by the city and EPA.

Gross sales of $1,319,944, in 2020 with Discretionary Earnings of $278,775.

The business and real estate acquisition has been pre-approved by SBA lenders for qualified buyers with 25-year financing at Prime + 1.5%, 4.75%, with a down payment of $81,000 for the business only and $307,216 for business and real estate included.

The company does not have an active marketing campaign and does not have any paid advertising programs in place. Most inquiries are from customer referrals and local residents/businesses that see the wrapped trucks in their area several times each week.


  • $1,319,944,Gross Sales
  • $278,775 Discretionary Earnings
  • $81,000 down payment for business acquisition only
  • $307,216 down payment for Business & RE with SBA financing, 25 years at 4.75% (Prime + 1.75%)
  • Business offered at $800,000
  • Real Estate is available for purchase and offered at $1.5 million
  • Licensed C61-D35 Pool & Spa Maintenance and Repair Contractor, Seller will RMO for Buyer
  • The company has a well-trained professional staff of 10 full-time W2 employees:
    • Manager – responsible for field crews, scheduling, also works in the field doing repairs
    • 8 service techs
    • Yard Manager

Down Payment & Working Capital Required
The down payment required for this transaction is a minimum of $307,216 cash down payment with SBA financing. Additional working capital of approximately $50,000 is required. A minimum FICO score of 700 is required for SBA financing.

Seller Role & Buyer Requirements
The Seller presently works full time in the business and does all of the bids and quotes as well as general management. The Seller does not do daily service calls or repairs, but on occasion does help out in the field if there is a need. This is not an absentee-run business and the buyer will need to actively run the business.

The Seller is looking to retire and moving out of state. The Seller will act as the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for one year while the Buyer obtains their C61-D35 Pool & Spa Maintenance and Repair Contractors License.

Inquiries from Principals Only

Financial Summary

Cost of Goods Sold$337,420$468,086$276,605
Gross Margin$982,524$915,481$860,317
Operating Expenses$848,075$817,240$821,083
Net Profit (tax return)$134,449$98,241$39,234
Owners Benefits (Add Backs)$129,088$126,606$167,428
Discretionary Earnings$278,775$247,175$232,690

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