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Purchase Agreements for the sale of a business are either Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements or LOI’s (Letters of Intent).  There are effectively two choices when buying or selling a business with respect to purchase agreements.  A buyer can opt to have their attorney draft the purchase agreement from scratch or use a standardized

Financing is a critical and frequently overlooked aspect of selling your business.  The fact is all cash transactions are very rare other than for very small businesses.  Nearly all business sales have financing, and there are essentially two choices, SBA financing or Seller financing which involves the seller carrying a note.   SBA Loans; More Cash

COVID 19 has impacted our daily lives and how businesses are run.  It has changed the way we do business on a daily basis on a local, national and global scale. What does that mean for business value, how are the sales of businesses being affected, and how does it affect buyers and sellers?  There

Are you thinking about buying a business to build your future, gain personal freedom and independence but not sure where and how to start?  How do you get started and find the right business?  What are the steps involved to find the best business for you? Before you start your search for the right business,

Every business owner wants to realize the maximum value when they eventually sell their business.  The question is what should you do now to prepare for the sale of your business and maximize business value?   As Middle Market Business Brokers we have sold hundreds of businesses ranging from manufacturing to technology, construction,  and Healthcare plus

When is the best time to sell your business? It seems obvious, when you can get the most money for it. But when is that? Are there other things to consider? And how do you know when it is time to sell your business anyway?

COVID19 has clearly thrown a wrench into the plans of business owners that were preparing to sell their business, or has it?  

If you are not ready to put your business on the market now, and have time to prepare, here are some things that will increase the value and marketability of your business. 

COVID-19 has shut down businesses across the US and worldwide.  In most US states non-essential businesses have been ordered or requested to close, employees have been told to work from home, and the general population has been told to stay home as much as possible.

A business owner or prospective seller may want to know the value of their business before deciding to put it on the market.  Buyers may wish to calculate the value or compare the asking price of a business they are interested in. In the case of business owners considering the sale of their business most

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