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Most business owners are focused on the value or selling price of their business, but something often overlooked early on is the tax consequences of selling their business and what the net proceeds will be. It does little good to get a great selling price and then lose 50% of it to taxes, but with

Getting an SBA Loan to buy or finance the sale of a business is a great way for buyers to leverage their cash to obtain a lower down payment and buy a bigger, more profitable business. SBA financing also offers benefits to business sellers because it gives them cash at closing rather than having to

There are a number of scams and rip-offs related to selling a business ranging from identity theft to literally stealing your business. Here’s a list of some common scams and rip-offs to watch out for when you sell your business. The best way to avoid these risks is to engage a professional and licensed Business

What is due diligence? Why does a buyer need to perform due diligence? What information, records, and/or financial materials will the buyer want to access? How long will due diligence take? As a business owner preparing to sell my business, when should I start preparing for due diligence? Above are common questions sellers ask, never

After making the decision that you are ready to sell and the time is right, the next most important decision is who will represent you in the sale of your business?  Your CPA will be there for financial advice and your attorney for legal advice, but who is going to actually sell the business, structure

In our Blogs on Developing an Exit Strategy and How to Prepare to Sell Your Business we talked about how to Maximize the Value of Manufacturing Your Business which is obviously a high priority for every business owner.  But what if you could substantially increase the Net Value of your manufacturing business without changing anything

Great news for business owners-sellers and business buyers in 2021!  6 Months No Payments on New SBA Loans from February thru September 2021 plus PPP Loan Program 2021!  The COVID Relief Act passed in December 2020 has reinstated the 6 months of loan forgiveness on new SBA loans funded between February 1st, 2021 and September

E-commerce businesses operate with different business models from conventional brick and mortar businesses.  The primary differences are the operational and technological aspects of the business which are often key to the company’s success as well as value drivers for the business.  Consequently selling an e-commerce business is a bit different from selling a conventional business

The UCLA Anderson Economic Forecast for 2021 is looking very promising with projected GDP growth roaring back in the second quarter of 2021.  California is expected to have higher growth than the rest of the nation and has a very good economic outlook for 2021 and 2022.   So why should you sell your business in

UCLA economists are predicting an economic rebound in 2021 after a few weak months in early 2021.  Basically it will be a continued gloomy COVID winter, with a spring rebound starting off the recovery.  This is good news after a turbulent 2020 for the US economy and it’s great news for the California economy as

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