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What is the value of my business?  This is the first and foremost question on the mind of business buyers and sellers. Business owners that are either considering selling their business or preparing to sell their business need to know what a realistic market value is for their business. Buyers face the same question when

The burning question for buyers looking at prospective small businesses is “how much does this business make?”. This is actually the wrong question. The right question is how much does the owner make? One of the first steps in preparing to sell a business for a professional business broker is determining the Discretionary Earnings of

In 2017 the number of businesses being sold increased 27% over 2016 according to Bizbuysell.  Who is buying businesses today and what can a seller expect when a buyer is considering making an offer? The buyers of today are on average younger, ethnically diverse, intellectually savvy and are willing to pay for the value of

The importance of good Yelp and Google My Business reviews for a business, especially a retail business, is common knowledge; but do reviews affect the value or marketability of a business? Do reviews affect the value and marketability of non-retail businesses such as service businesses, industrial, construction or manufacturing? As Business Brokers we are very

Second only to the value of the business, a major concern for every business owner is how do I sell my business without my employees and customers finding out it’s for sale. Confidentiality of the prospective sale of a business is critical because the possibility of the business being sold could cause employees to panic

When you hear about new government regulations the first thing that comes to mind is “now what!”, but this year the SBA made some great changes for small businesses! This is great news for buyers looking to buy a small business as well as owners considering selling their business. As business brokers SBA financing has

When is the right time, or the best time, to sell your business? There are as many answers to that question as there are businesses. Every business owner has different timelines, needs and goals driving the sale of their business. The majority of business sales are driven by personal circumstances such as retirement, moving, health/medical,

2017 was a record year for sales of small businesses to entrepreneurs and investors with transactions increasing by 27% over 2016 nationwide according to the annual BizBuySell Insight Report just published. Orange County business sales were up 19% from 2016 with 285 businesses sold. It has been a great time to sell your small business over

SBA loans can be used for financing a business acquisition of up to $5 million, as well as purchasing commercial real estate, machinery/equipment, refinance of debt, or obtaining working capital for a business. To many, the thought of obtaining an SBA loan may seem daunting, even overwhelming, but in fact SBA loans can be obtained

Selling your business is an important decision that impacts your life both financially and personally. Of course you want to get the highest value for your business and more importantly you want to make sure you successfully sell the business and in a reasonable amount of time. You also want to make sure the transaction